Middle School (12 to 14 years old)

The Middle School curriculum, classrooms, science and art labs, Bison Cafe, computer resource center, and gardens were specially designed to create a nurturing environment where adolescents are respected and cared for; where they can work hard, be challenged, be responsible; and where they have ample opportunities to test themselves. The Middle School, as a logical extension of the Montessori Elementary curriculum, excites children to use their imaginations and burgeoning intellect to investigate facets of the universe and to identify their place within it.

The student-led variety show

The Middle School program encourages students to be active participants in the educational process. Teachers work closely with parents during this crucial stage of development to support our students as they make a major separation from their past as children and move forward toward adulthood. Our staff is comprised of Montessori-credentialed teachers, specialty instructors, and resource specialists, working closely with one another, with the students, and with the families, to coordinate curriculum and extracurricular activities.

The Montessori School of Dayton offers a challenging academic experience that is an integrated and developmentally based approach to educating adolescent students:

  • Humanities — Literature, writing, history, global studies, ethics.
  • Mathematics — Arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, algebra II, and trigonometry.
  • Sciences — Physical and biological.
  • World Languages — Spanish and French.
  • Art — Fine art, art history, and performing arts.
  • Independent Studies

Specialty Teachers work with the students on a regular basis in the areas of music, physical education and team sports. Students study drama and put on a student-led variety show during the school year.

In addition to their studies on campus, students explore the greater Miami Valley.  MSD students work at Possum Creek MetroPark every week in three areas of interest: Field Studies, Health & Wellness, and Farm Economy.


Bison Café/Micro-Economy

Running a business first hand offers students early exposure to the meaning of money and the basis of economic systems. Students plan, operate, and account for business ventures related to the student-run coffee shop and seasonal sales events. History and applied economics are studied as part of the micro-economy operations.

Students run the coffee shop and produce/sell their baked goods; they use the proceeds to sustain the business and fund class . The program teaches an understanding of production and exchange, division of labor, organization, management and financial responsibility while building confidence and self-esteem. Students are supervised by a faculty member. The Bison Café provides an atmosphere that allows students, faculty, staff, and the parent community to enjoy quality food and beverages.